Decrease Your Costs of Hiring New Employees in the Construction Industry

Two primary costs of hiring new employees in the construction industry are advertising and training.Time and resources in advertising. It isn’t just the cost of placing an ad. It is the time it takes to weed through hundreds of applications to find a handful of truly qualified applicants. Then, the time it takes to arrange interviews and testing, check references, and make an offer. All of this takes time. Time is money.Time and resources in training and retaining. Once new employees are hired, construction managers must turn their attention to retention. A recent practice since the construction industry started to struggle for skilled labor been poaching. Project managers who are desperate to fill positions in a short time frame travel to competitor sites and offer slightly more money to lure away competitors’ workers. It is not an ethical approach to hiring, but it has eased the burden or advertising for some employers. This means you’ve wasted time hiring and training an employee who may not be with you for long.The U.S. recession and the resulting housing market crisis of 2008 shifted the dynamic of the construction industry. What had been a robust market filled with many skilled laborers turned to deserted projects. Skilled workers waited for a quick, strong comeback that did not seem to come. Weary of waiting for a turnaround and faced increasing needs for survival income, many of them abandoned the industry for other pursuits. In the years from 2007 to 2011, the industry lost nearly 2.2 million workers.According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1.2 million jobs have been made available because of the housing market exodus. This high demand, low supply of skilled labor has made it hard for employers to control construction labor costs.Construction employers and industrial project managers who want to lure workers back to building sites have had to find creative ways to reach skilled workers. Many have relied on traditional job advertisements in local newspapers and online job banks. But these tactics end up being a time and resource drain on employers with a steady influx of unqualified applicants. This dwindling of precious time is the reason you need to work with a labor staffing agency to help you manage construction labor cost. How much is your time worth?With construction staffing agencies many hiring expenses are contained. Companies who rely on these specialized services receive the benefit of an integrated hiring process that delivers skilled, experience workers. Much of the guesswork that appears during hiring is removed.Why should you work with an agency?They can remove your hiring costs and hassles
They can minimize your Workers’ Comp exposure
They can control your health care and benefits costs
They can reduce your unemployment insurance costs
They can maximize workforce productivity
They can manage the financial impact of new labor legislationIt takes to run a successful business in today’s world. Working with an experienced staffing agency can move you down the path toward a successful business without all the administrative concerns. Look for an agency that will provide: A proven source for all your employee administrative needs
HR, Payroll, Risk Management and Payroll issues
Access to top-tier benefits and a 401k with company match
Offer health, dental, even vision
Staff your jobs with qualified, quality peopleHiring talented, temporary skilled workers is a big investment for contractors. Keeping these quick tips in mind will help you choose the best staffing agency giving you more time to reach your construction goals.